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CBD Cosmetics

CBD Cosmetics

As a supplement, CBD extracts and oils can work wonders for the body, but did you know you can experience the many benefits of CBD by applying directly on your skin? 

CBD cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular with celebrities, athletes and everyday people alike. They offer a unique, and targeted way to incorporate CBD into your lifestyle. Could you benefit from adding CBD cosmetics to your skincare or fitness routine? 

What are CBD Cosmetics?

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol, one of the prevalent cannabinoids, or chemical compounds found in cannabis and hemp. While beneficial for wellbeing, CBD is not psychoactive, so it doesn't cause a 'high'. CBD is legal and safe, and has been shown to have many potential therapeutic benefits. 

The term CBD cosmetics covers a wide range of products including balms, lotions, moisturisers, face masks, serums, and even makeup. These products contain the therapeutic compound CBD, along with many other natural active beneficial ingredients. CBD cosmetics can be used to give targeted relief from a number of complaints, but they can also revitalise the skin, and restore natural balance. CBD balms and creams are also commonly used by athletes to prepare for events, and recover from training. 

Benefits of CBD Cosmetics

Hemp contains many components that have a bevy of health benefits including, cannabinoids like CBD, essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fatty acids. Cannabinoid receptors are located throughout the skin, the body’s largest organ, making CBD a potential therapy for a range of conditions. Because it is applied right on trouble areas, the CBD works directly where it is needed the most - this ensures optimum relief. 

CBD cosmetics also contain many other active therapeutic compounds that can work alongside CBD to increase the benefits you receive. We add a therapeutic blend of organic essential oils to our Love Hemp body salve including; argan oil, rosehip oil, geranium oil, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil. Essential oils offer powerful health benefits and aid relaxation and wellbeing.

Vitamins C and E, present in hemp, are antioxidants and protect the skin’s collagen and elastin against damage from the sun and free radicals. B complex vitamins serve as part of the construction process for skin, hair and nails to prevent dermatitis, hair loss, and other skin conditions. Hemp also contains vitamins A and D which are responsible for skin repair. They support skin cell growth and inhibit oil production to help keep skin soft and supple. 

CBD cosmetics also protect the skin from free radicals like UV rays, smoke, and environmental pollutants. Free radicals lead to wrinkles and fine lines, but antioxidants protect our skin from this damage and help fight the effects of aging. 

Love Hemp CBD Cosmetics 

By far the most popular CBD cosmetic in our range is the Love Hemp CBD body salve. This product is not just effective at rejuvenating the skin, but it also offers targeted relief, and is popular with athletes and anyone looking to enhance their overall health and wellness. 

Love Hemp’s CBD body salve is only made with organic ingredients. Hand blended and luxurious, this deep conditioning body salve harnesses the spirit-lifting properties of the miraculous hemp plant. Each 50ml jar contains 300mg CBD, with zero THC. 

The most recent product added to our CBD cosmetic range is the Love Hemp CBD face mask, which is made with advanced Nano-Emulsified CBD. It is a super charged sheet mask infused with THC-free hemp oil, and contains various plant extracts to promote healthy skin. Potent cannabinoid antioxidants work to undo skin damage from pollution, sun and various environmental factors. Our 100% cotton mask wraps the skin to prevent active ingredients from evaporating, allowing the beneficial components to be absorbed effectively. 

Our Love Hemp CBD face mask is THC-free, cruelty free, and vegan. It is a great way to hydrate the skin, smoothe lines and wrinkles, and boosts dull, tired skin for a healthy glow. Alongside CBD, this face mask has many other natural, therapeutic ingredients including a bevy of medicinal herb extracts. 

Add CBD Cosmetics to your daily skincare routine 

CBD is appearing in more supplements and creams on the world market. CBD cosmetics are an effective and convenient way to experience the benefits of CBD. They support healthy skin, promote balance and protect and nourish the skin while offering targeted relief. 

And it's not just the cannabinoids in our Love Hemp cosmetics that have therapeutic properties, we also add other beneficial natural ingredients which boost the health benefits you receive. 

Is it time to add CBD cosmetics to your daily skincare routine? 

December 03, 2019 — Tom Rowland